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Mental Peace Psychiatry provides cost-effective, high-quality psychiatric and mental health services to diverse populations.

The Services are provided through the use of secured HIPAA-compliant Video-audio and in-person visits.


Anxiety Disorder




Substance Abuse

Young Adults struggling through college, relationship, careers.


Mental Health




Brief Psychotherapy/Coaching

Get Treatment from the Comfort of your Home

Virtual Care allows the flexibility of being able to meet with your provider or clinicians in any private space you find yourself in; whether in your home, in a car alone, on a lunch break at work or at any convenient time for you.

Psychologist, Behavioral Therapy, Anxiety Management, Feel Validated and Understood
Psychologist, Behavioral Therapy, Non-Judgmental Care. LGBTQ2+ Sensitive

Non-Judgmental Care.

At Mental Peace Psychiatry, we take a non-judgmental approach for all our clients and acknowledge all aspects of our patients, including their mental, spiritual, individual identities and cultural needs, and help them evolve into the person they aspire to be.

Feel Heard and Understood

We work with our patients to deal with inner struggles, criticisms, self-doubt, and negative patterns. It could be something as small as a recent incident or a buried past (childhood trauma).

Psychologist, Behavioral Therapy, Anxiety Management, Feel Validated and Understood
Psychologist, Behavioral Therapy, Anxiety Management

Be Happy, Be Healthy, and Be Fulfilled

Mental Peace Psychiatry promotes both physical and mental wellness in collaboration with other interdisciplinary care teams in an effort to provide holistic care for our clients.

Psychologist, Behavioral Therapy, Anxiety Management

Why Choose Us?

Mental Peace Psychiatry works with patients and families to develop comprehensive treatment plans that are culturally sensitive and individualized to meet our patients' needs with the understanding that everyone's experiences and needs are different. Expert care is delivered to you anywhere you are, near or far.

  • We work with you to instill hope for the future.
  • We provide individualized treatment plans based on clients’ unique experiences and goals.
  • We provide evidence-based and culturally sensitive care.
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Our Mission

In partnership with our clients and community, Mental Peace Psychiatry aims to provide informative, empathetic, personalized, and affordable care to improve the quality of life of patients who are suffering from mental, psychiatric, behavioral, and substance abuse disorders.

We employ a holistic approach - applying evidence-based medical findings while considering cultural beliefs, practices, and spirituality to instill hope for the future for families and our communities.

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Psychologist, Behavioral Therapy, Anxiety Management

Meet Our Providers

Our providers are Board Certified in Psychiatry and experts in helping clients select the best medication and develop treatment plans suitable for individual needs.

Feedback From Our Patients

Our comprehensive approach offers proper treatment with psychotherapy and medications. Our numerous years of experience gain much recognition for our exceptional and quality services in dealing with several mental health problems.

Daniel Dawson